The team

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Dora Kodona


Quiet and reserved, Dora is a pillar for A DISCOVERING NETWORK. She has tenacity and endurance, reliability, works tirelessly , methodically and is always there to help.


Katerina Tsichlaki


Our internet researcher and facebook girl. Always up to date with what is new or trending, quick to pick up information and articles to share with our demanding followers.


Thisvi Ekmektzoglou Newson


The mastermind behind A DISCOVERING NETWORK. Passionate, driven, tireless and fiercely loyal are some words to describe the woman who started it all. Constantly coming up with new ideas.



A Discovering Network asbl is thankful to the volunteers that without their assistance, presence and advices none of the activities would have been materialised...

Tina Zournatzi

happy to help the ADN by bringing her communications experience and links to the small business support structures. It’s a nice change from her day job which is to communicate about European Union fish and maritime issues. Her dogma is “less is more” and she likes to stick to it!

Elodie Kabarakis

Our smiling and enthusiastic translator always keen to help with pretty much everything.


Alexandros Moridis

Photographer, interior designer, merchandiser and reiki healer. Positive, smiley, hard-worker and a good friend.

Stella Dadamogia

Stella Dadamogia

handling the secrets of the IT sector with style

Spyros Pavlis

 Don’t shoot the photographer and our video supporter.

Alexandros Kyriakakis 

Our marketing manager with feet on the ground to run quick and head in the sky to think big

Sofia Fragiskou

Sofia Fragiskou – She knows all about beauty. Multitask and multitalented spirit. On time and with a lot of humor.

Vicky Zarifopoulou -Dietitian - The leading figure of our health diet and of educational related programme

Vicky Zarifopoulou

Panayiotis Kossiavelos

Panayiotis Kossiavelos - Gardener- The leading expert on plants (aromatic) and of the respective part of educational related programme


Anastasia Ntantinaki- Behind ideas, a fun of social media, and an great event organiser


Elena Paravantes - Registered Dietitian - Nutritionist residing in Greece she is a leading figure in the Mediterranean Greek food

Chrysa Pantsiou - A true lady of the Greek and the Beautiful team

Chrysa Pantsiou

Irene Christofakis

Irene Christofakis - Beauty and lifestyle all together in a BelgoGreek style- Member of the Greek and the Beautiful team

Elena Mavrou

Elena Mavrou- Greek and beautiful nails

Ioanna Orfanoudaki

Ioanna Orfanoudaki - All about transaltions

Katerina Kyrieri

Katerina Kyrieri – A smile and a welcoming figure of our team

Niovi Kyriazakou

Niovi Kyriazakou – A friendly and positive contribution to last minutes urgencies

Benoit Dethiege

Benoit Dethiege – A true friend of Greece and lover of the Greek language and always there to make the last language checking

Patty Youvanoglou

Patty Youvanoglou - A specialist on educational systems, the person behind the surveys/ The person that comes with the pen and the action.

Anastasia Christidou

Anastasia Christidou - Not what you see only but a calm and quickly integrated person into a team spirit work


Sevasti CHATZITHEODOROU - The lady behind the tasty Greek pies

Christos Panagiotakopoulos

Christos Panagiotakopoulos - Behind the advertising and sponsorship agreements

Roula Krebouni

Roula Krebouni - A multi talented and good team player with excellent public relations skills

Ioannis Prineas

Ioannis Prineas- Culinary inspirations brought to Brussels directly from Kythyra Island (Greece) from the chef Prineas.


Thanks to

A big thanks to Executive Chef Nicholas Tsiknakos for sharing with us his recipe on Krytharoto (Cook Kit recipe) and Chef Giorgos Dimitriou for sharing with us his recipe on FAVA(Cook Kit recipe)

Thanks to all supporting this cause.