Who we are

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The core group of a Discovering Network are Belgian citizens of Greek origin and varying backgrounds who all have similar attributes. Most have spent their life giving back to society, either through charity work or working with their local communities.

Then, we all have a love of Greek food and gastronomy, of local products and sustainable productions. Similarly, we know that there are good quality non food products in Greece that are not well known to non Greeks.

So what inspired our voluntary and non-profit movement was a simple reason: to help our country to show the quality products that are produced in the homeland and demonstrate that in spite of the financial crisis Greece was slipping in there are ways all of us to help. In particular, we saw the past two years people in Greece that were either emigrating or deciding to leave Athens and other major cities to go back to the mountain villages or islands of their grandparents decent. Most of these people began trying their hand at agriculture, or reviving traditional food of the area, whether it is rusks, honey, pasta, sweets etc.

A discovering journey ...

Having realized this momentum we thought we would be able to help the situation by finding people who sold Greek products in Belgium, and maybe help spread the word. So began a long search, every Greek product we would see or hear of in Belgium, we would call up the producer in Greece to find out who stocks it here. Thus, was born a now wide network of traders in Belgium.

We were and are continually surprised to find, how many traders are in Belgium. Most of them new at this business trying their hand at the food industry, to help survive the crisis back in Greece or even setting up shop to help small producers they knew in Greece.

One year We are continuing by setting up this website, and trying to reach out to many more people who are interested in Greek food and non food products and diet.

But we are not alone in this journey. Since one year a number of volunteers’ friends have joined the movement and all this is gaining a momentum. We believe in team work and that all of us we can help our countries.

Thank you for supporting a good cause

The team of a Discovering Network asbl