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There are more ways to support a Discovering Network asbl.

If you aspire to the same ideas of the organisation, as an individual you can become a volunteer or member, but also a sponsor.

Likewise, if your company would like to promote the objective of the association, this can become a good occasion to supporting us.

If your company aims at engaging in actions that appear to further some social good, beyond the interests of the firm, and support a non profit and voluntary work, then you might want to become a sponsor of a particular programme or project

Support is the driving force. 

Get in contact to find out  also more about the framework of promoting your product or company or service while supporting the work of the association. 

With your support we can do more. We can expand the traders/products mapping. We can organise more events. We can be present to more projects. With your support we can get the appropriate means to make this happen.

Contact us.

Thank you


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