Corporate membership

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Corporate Membership

Choose the Membership That's Right for You

Choose the Membership That's Right for You


  • Discover  local products in Belgium

  • Discover and join projects, events

  • Discover the traders network, points of sales, shops and the open markets where Greek and Cypriot products are sold

  • Discover the resto advisor

  • Support the work of a Discovering Network asbl by sharing your discoveries and get involved in activities

  • Energize your life and have fun

Become a member and find the membership that fits to you; apply for the membership card and get more advantages while supporting a Discovering Network asbl

Members are divided in two categories

  1. Individual membership is offered to any physical person that wants to support the work.

  2. Corporate membership is offered to companies, producers, associations and legal entities that would like to be part of this great network

Who can participate

Who can participate

  • Importing companies and traders of Greek and Cypriot Products in Belgium and neighbouring
  • Exporting Companies and Local Producers (including associations) of Greek and Cypriot Products exporting to Belgium and neighbouring countries
  • Associations, nongovernmental organisations and other legal entities of administrative character (prefecture/local authorities)


Benefits: Be part of the well known citizen’s movement and promote well being and Greek way of life

Detailed document with rules for corporate members

  1. Professional Networking and Inventory sharing
    Be part of the network and get to know other traders (parent and subsidiary companies) in the meetings we hold or events.
  2. Get visibility of your products with references in the social media and web page and through our events.
    Regular reference of your company within the coverage of products via the social media and once per year in depth zoom on your business. Inventory provided in different fora and events
  3. Enhancing awareness of the Greek and Mediterranean products (food, cosmetics, others) including diet and gastronomy
    Increase awareness of quality Greek local products. Our activities include entertainment activities, gastronomic experiences, education and linking Greek culture, tourism, products, entrepreneurship and the Greek way of life. (participation fees or sponsorship arrangements will apply in some projects)
  4. Exploring more markets and people
    • A platform for Greek products that can be promoted in different events. Get informed of events where you can promote your products or participate with your products.
    • Promote your products with the Depot concept that we can help you put in place
    • Be the first to know about local producers that want to export their products into Belgium. We will distribute the names and products of traders/producers that contact us
  5. Get local in Belgium/promote the Greek products you trade and local producers from Greece.
    Get integrated into the local communities with events that are based in Greek or Belgium local communities/associations. Bring together local products and local communities.

Apply now - Application form

Submit your application - Corporate Members

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Corporate Membership subscription is EUROS 150 for the calendar year. Cash or Check accepted. Checks to be made payable to BANK ACCOUNT of the A Discovering Network asbl- ING BANK- BE90363128155632 and SWIFT: BBRU BE BB.

Reference: Membership to a Discovering Network asbl.

Members will be able to attend events and receive information via email. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

I understand that by submitting this form, I have been informed and I am acknowledging a commitment to attend and be involved in a Discovering Network as an associated member. I also understand that, in becoming an associated member of, I will uphold the standards of the organization (see attached rules of ethic for corporate members) and represent the association in every aspect of my professional life. I understand that my eventual application shall be considered provided that I fulfill all commitments, in accordance with the Constitution of the Association to become an associated member.

Renew your membership card

  • My membership is yearly and it comes in a few days to an end. What do I need to do?

In case all the information provided last year remains the same you don't need to send again the filled application.

Just proceed to the annual payment of the membership fee for the type of membership you have subscribed (Individual or Corporate) and with the above references.

Send us an email of the proof of your payment and you will receive an updated card if needed or an extension.

Thank you for your support