Discounts and Rewards

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Get a Discovering Network Membership -only discounts on restaurants, products, and more when you join or renew. Take advantage of these amazing benefits now! We start with few and we aim to increase the rewards with your support.


►   As a member of a Discovering Network asbl (ADN) you are eligible to discounts on products and services that we discover. All you have to do is pay a small fee to allow more discoveries to be added to the discount basket. A Discovering Network membership card can save you a lot of money with discounts on products and restaurants, and more.

If your interest is big then we will try to offer more benefits. We start with Belgium but we would aim with your ideas and support to find benefits in other countries including Greece.


►   Here are few discounts and perks that will save you money on both essential and recreational expenses. If you are not yet an Discovering Network member, join here

♦ So, order your membership card

A low cost membership is a smart investment because of all the discounts, benefits, and support they offer. So if you joining the membership you just need one flash of the card and you very well could more than recoup your annual membership dues with only one or two purchases.

Below is the list of the companies that offer discounts. Just keep in mind that this economy special deals and discounts are constantly in a state of flux. If you find a great deal at the right time, take advantage of it. Discounts are often here today and gone tomorow, especially if the economy starts picking up steam.
While the discounts tend to be negotiated for longer term periods of time, changes still occur. So for the latest updated products and services deals, I recommend you visit regularly the site to verify any discounts or offerings they list in their directory so you are not taken by surprise by any changes that may have occurred.

List with all the benefits...