Get involved

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Get involved in any way that suits you. Suggest, Discover, Find, Share, Act

Your Discoveries? find and share information on Greek products, the Mediterranean diet and recipes-

 Share with us where, what, when you find new products, food and non food products.

You find a great site, article, photo or video? This is the place to share it. A great, easy way so that others become aware of your discovery.Do you have a nice article that you wrote on health, nutrition, or any other related issue?

RESTO Advisor is your voice as a food critic in discovering good eats. A resto that cooks with Greek ingredients? Your opinion counts and your food critic can be valuable for the others. Get into action and share your resto experience. 

Are you a fan of Greek or Cypriot Products and you would like to organize a discovering event for your friends? With the DEPOT concept you can host an event in your community. Get started. 

Your opinion matters more than you think: Surveys and questionnaires will help shape our voice. 

And as always, one of the major things you can do for this campaign is telling your friends to get involved. Tumbl, tweet, use your words—early and often. Thanks!