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Do you fancy something unique to give to your friends and lovely ones?

A set of baskets are here, for you to discover...

We are full of new ideas and we are putting them into action for you.


A Discovering Network asbl does not have any commercial purpose. It is a platform of networking and sharing information.

Here you can find something unique for you and your friends. And we are going to share all our ideas.

So what are the Discovering Baskets? Baskets that contain food and non food goodies. Baskets that are full of aromas, tastes, history or culture and nature.

Our team have opt for outstanding food baskets from the networks' traders.

Can you imagine a variety of goodies, a little something for everyone, and ingredients that represent regions of Greece?

A unique basket and a real suprise for you and your guest.

So select the basket you like and contact the traders with the particular code included in each basket. Our job ends here! You can now be in contact directly and get the basket of your dreams.

You can order your Basket (please choose any of the 3 selections) and send an e-mail to discovergreekbe@gmail.com to place your order. Payment via bank transfer after your order confirmation and free delivery every Saturday (10:00-18:00) only for Brussels.

For orders until 2 December 2016, pick up your basket on the 7 December 2016 from our stand in Schuman place and take 5 Euro discount! 


Basket 1 : Price 30 Euro 

Ladi Biosas 250 ml, Olives mix vertes et Kalamata, Almonds roasted with skin


White wine 4th dimension with Olives mix vertes et Kalamata


Basket 2: Price 40 Euro

White wine 4th dimension, Ladi Biosas 250 ml, Honey olympos 400 gr


Red wine 4th dimension, Olives mix vertes et Kalamata, Almonds roasted with skin in a wooden box


Basket 3: Price 55 Euro 

White wine Kexris, Olives mix vertes et Kalamata, 2 Almonds roasted with skin bags


Olive oil kalamata 750ml, White or Red wine Kexris, Honey olympos 400 gr, Almonds roasted with skin in a wooden box (250gr)