Organise a depot

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A “DEPOT” event in your office, home, elsewhere; how you can make it happen

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Make your house / office a temporary depot

Are you fan of Greek or Cypriot Products and you would like to organise a discovering event for your friends?

With the DEPOT concept you have it all-

If you know a specific product that you like to show to your friends/colleagues then get into the DEPOT concept.  

You can organise a wine tasting event through the traders that exist in Belgium and they can come show the product and sell directly to the ones that feel like.

Do you happen to know a local producer and it happens to visit Belgium? Call us and tell us how to organise the event.

Read more the rules of participation

 Apply... and create your own DEPOT event.

Rules & Procedures

1. The interested party gets in contact with “Discovering Greek 

Products in Belgium” via the email : discovergreekbe@gmail.com 

  • Six weeks before the event to allow time for planning and avoiding duplication of events during the same period

2. The following information needs to be provided in the first email: 

  • the product that will be used as a DEPOT. It can be – an ingredient (example olive oil) or a particular product/brand name example -Wine for a winemaker- 
  • Place of Depot and address 
  • Time the event will be held from…till 
  • How large is the venue ( max. number of people it can hold)

3. Discovering Greek Products in Belgium will assist in the following way 

  • We will contact the traders of our network and find out who would like to participate. 
  • We will inform the DEPOT organiser which traders are interested and the prices of the products offered. 
  • 10 days before the event the final order (confirmed quantities to be ordered by DEPOT organiser) shall be transmitted to: discovergreebe@gmail.com so that all traders can provide their products either on the date of the event or before. 
  • Payment is made directly to traders/cash either before or the date of the event (to be clarified during the process). Discovering Greek Products in Belgium is not involved in this transaction. 
  • The DEPOT organiser is responsible to provide the facilities for the presentation of the product, the logistics (such as planning of the event, directions for traders, delivery methods) 

Before the event

Before the event: 

  • Discovering Greek Products in Belgium will provide a tailored made electronic invitation for the DEPOT to the interested party to be sent to all his/her friends. 
  • The interested party will also receive some flyers for the event with general information on Discovering Greek Products in Belgium. (one member of the team if possible, might be able to join the event)

General rules

General rule: the “DEPOT” event falls into the aims and objectives of Discovering Greek Products in Belgium and should not be used for private purposes or to promote products for private reasons. Interested persons should abide by these set regulations/guidelines. Interested parties cannot act on behalf but are volunteers in this respect.

Application form

Please be very detailed on ingredients or particular product