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 EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME 2014- Education, Nutrition, Discovering Greece through Greek products

A programme designed by a Discovering Network asbl and implemented jointly with the Greek Embassy- Bureau of Coordinator of Education. (right photo, Mr M.Alexakis)

-According to the programme two visits are envisaged per educational establishment: the visit of the nutritionist, Mrs. Vicky Zafiropoulou (in the middle) and the visit of the gardener, Mr. Panos Kossiavelos (left side down)


 Aim: For students (children, adolescents, adults) to fully comprehend the importance of the Mediterranean diet for a healthy upbringing, as well as presentation of products coming from Greek agriculture.


Secondary aims: 

 For children to learn through play and research about the Mediterranean food pyramid, Greek products and diet. 

  • This programme will allow students to set a goal, and achieve it through research, thereby taking pride in what they have achieved.

  • In addition, the students will learn to study pinpoint and explain broad meanings in nutrition by working individually and within groups.

  • In adults, this course can act as a reminder of the importance of adopting a healthy diet, and they can get to know Greece through its natural treasures. For adults, there will also be an additional seminar on the benefits of aromatic herbs and cosmetics based on Greek aromatic herbs.

  • A chance to view our country differently


Duration: One School Year ( November – June ) 6 months (2 months preparation)

Target group: Students; those in the last years of primary school, high school, university students. In institutions where Modern Greek is being taught, whether to children or adults. The seminars will be adapted to cater for the needs of students depending on their age and country of residence.


These seminars can run any country where Greek education exists in one form or another.

 PART I: What do I know about the Greek Diet / What do I know about traditional Greek products

 PART II: Where can I find Greek products in Belgium?

 PART III: I know therefore I act

 Read the news: http://brusselsdiplomatic.com/2014/01/30/discovering-greece-greek-diets-and-greek-products-in-belgium/


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