Submit your application - Corporate Members

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Corporate Membership subscription is EUROS 150 for the calendar year. Cash or Check accepted. Checks to be made payable to BANK ACCOUNT of the A Discovering Network asbl- ING BANK- BE90363128155632 and SWIFT: BBRU BE BB.

Reference: Membership to a Discovering Network asbl.

Members will be able to attend events and receive information via email. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

I understand that by submitting this form, I have been informed and I am acknowledging a commitment to attend and be involved in a Discovering Network as an associated member. I also understand that, in becoming an associated member of, I will uphold the standards of the organization (see attached rules of ethic for corporate members) and represent the association in every aspect of my professional life. I understand that my eventual application shall be considered provided that I fulfill all commitments, in accordance with the Constitution of the Association to become an associated member.