Suggest your Discoveries

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Your discoveries / Your suggestions

Your discoveries

  • Has a ‘Gree’-lliant (Greek + brilliant) idea crossed your mind?
  • Is there something you suggest that we envisage for the future?
    • Have you made a discovery you would like to share with us? 
    • A product that you found in Belgium from Greece or Cyprus?
    • · A point of sale?
  • restaurants, bakeries, food festivals, street vendors, and food trucks
  • Bars and Coffees
  • Recipes
  • Designs and fashion
  • Industrial design
  • articles proposed or drafted
  • nutrition tips
  • Photos and videos
  • Aromatic plants
  • Events/ festivals
  • Art
  • Other

If you share articles or recipes please include some basic information such as the origin of the photo, and the author (if needed) as well as some general information about the region/area of Greece. If you would like to provide us links we could insert those. You can also decide your name to appear  or not 

Do you have an article or a photo ?  If you have a text of 500 words and it has been drafted for publishing to a Discovering network or a photo (minimum dimension 620x413) with a text that you would like to share with us we are waiting here...

We have created this space just for you, where we welcome your input, comments, proposals, or even your criticism as long as it stays constructive and respectful.

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